Last updated: January 2019

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2017 - present
(Exp. May 2019)

2012 - 2017


Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science
Master of Science, Computer Science    (GPA:  4.11/4.33)

  • Thesis:   “Painting with CATS: Camera-Aided Texture Synthesis” (Completed May 2018)

Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts With Additional Major in Computer Science 

  • Thesis:  “SumVis: An Interactive Summary and Visualization Tool for Large-Scale Graphs” (Completed June 2016)

  • Graduated with University Honors, College of Fine Arts Honors, School of Computer Science Honors, and Phi Beta Kappa


Awards and Grants





2012 - 2016


Samuel Rosenberg Senior Art Award

  • Awarded to graduating senior Art students for significant development and promise in art.

Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Microgrant

  • Awarded small grant for Senior Art thesis project: Girl in the Machine

Finalist (4th Place): UN #LinksSDGs Data Visualization Challenge

  • Designed and implemented data visualization for UN flagship publications using D3.js. Featured on the United Nations website.

Design Patent #46321

  • Patent for a sculptural design from the Thailand Department of Intellectual Property.

Carnegie Mellon University Dean’s List

  • Fall 2012, Fall & Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016



  1. Ticha Sethapakdi, James McCann.  “Painting with CATS: Camera-Aided Texture Synthesis”. To appear in Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ‘19).

  2. Ticha Sethapakdi, Zhongmin Xie, Adam Perer, Anind K. Dey, Jennifer Mankoff, Nikola Banovic.  “The Behavior Dashboard”. In-progress.

  3. Nikola Banovic, Ticha Sethapakdi, Zhongmin Xie, Afsaneh Doryab, Carissa Low, Jennifer Mankoff, Anind K. Dey. “A Computational Modeling Approach to Study and Predict Hospital Readmission in Pancreatic Surgery Patients”. In-review.

  4. Nikola Banovic, Ticha Sethapakdi, Yasasvi Hari, Anind K. Dey, Jennifer Mankoff.   “The Limits of Expert Text Entry Speed on Mobile Keyboards with Autocorrect”. In-review.

  5. Megan Hofmann, Lea Albaugh, Ticha Sethapakdi, James McCann, Jessica Hodgins, Jennifer Mankoff.  “KnitDown: Generative Garment Design Informed by Machine-Knittable Hand-Knitting Patterns”. In-progress.

  6. Ticha Sethapakdi, Christos Faloutsos. “SumVis: An Interactive Summary and Visualization Tool for Large-Scale Graphs”. School of Computer Science Honors Undergraduate Research Thesis. Completed June 2016.

  7. Di Jin, Ticha Sethapakdi, Danai Koutra, Christos Faloutsos. “PERSEUS3: Visualizing and Interactively Mining Large-Scale Graphs”. KDD Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (MLG), 2016.


Service and Involvement

2018 - present

2018 - present

2018 - present

2018 - present




Carnegie Mellon SCS Dean Search Advisory Committee

  • Served on the committee to search for a new Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon.

Local Chair: SCF 2019

  • Responsible for a number of organizational duties such as venue scouting and mapping logistics for the 2019 Symposium on Computational Fabrication.

Web Co-Chair: SCF 2019

  • Co-designed the website for the 2019 Symposium on Computational Fabrication.

Head Organizer: Graphics Lab Literature Club

  • Administered weekly meetings for the computer graphics reading group at Carnegie Mellon.

Student Volunteer: UIST 2017

  • Assisted with various organizational duties throughout the conference.

Events Coordinator: Creators Coalition — Carnegie Mellon University

  • Coordinated public communications and organized art forums, exhibits, open critique conferences, and workshops throughout the year.









Teaching Assistant — Carnegie Mellon University HCII

  • TA for Interaction Design Studio II.

Course Assistant — Carnegie Mellon University HCII

  • Grader for Chris Harrison’s Designing Human-Centered Software class.

Graduate Research Assistant — Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute

  • Continued development of CATS painting system under James McCann.

Research Assistant — Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

  • Developed Python script that analyzes log data to generate usage statistics for the Bridges system.

Research Intern — Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

  • Researched graph analytics with the Sherlock and Blacklight supercomputers.

  • Funded by the NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program.


Exhibitions and Presentations







Innovation with Impact Research Exhibition — Carnegie Mellon University

  • Presented a demo of Masters thesis work, CaTS: Camera-Aided Texture Synthesis.

Meeting of the Minds Research Exhibition — Carnegie Mellon University

  • Presented Undergraduate thesis work, SumVis: An Interactive Summary and Visualization Tool for Large-Scale Graphs.

FREE GERMS Art Exhibition — The Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Presented Girl in the Machine

  • Group exhibition with the School of Art graduating class of 2016.

Duquesne Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium — Duquesne University

  • Presented work on applications of graph analytics with big data.

XSEDE14 Conference Poster Presentation — Atlanta, GA

  • Presented work on applications of graph analytics with big data.



  • Programming Languages: Java, Python, C, C++, Modern OpenGL

  • Creative Coding/Prototyping: Processing, Arduino, openFrameworks, Unity

  • Arts: 3D Modeling, 2D Animation, Music Composition, Drawing/Painting/Sculpture, Photography/Film

  • Fabrication: 3D Printing, Lasercutting