Earth is a generative book about earth.  Every copy of the book is unique. This was made for Bob Bingham’s Environmental Sculpture class at CMU.

For people who have never left their home country (or town), much of what they see of other parts of the world is derived from National Geographic episodes, professional photography books, and less professional Instagram pictures taken by their friend (whom they secretly hate).  I am interested in showing people a raw, unfiltered side of earth that probably won't be printed on a postcard; because it's not always sunny in Philadelphia.  Because Bangkok isn't just a place with gleaming skyscrapers and temples with rooftops made of gold.  Because nothing is beautiful until you accept it as it is.

I wrote a python script to select a random subset of 500 cities and used the Google Street View Image API to extract street views (with a random camera orientation) of the selected cities.  Processing was then used to generate the book from the set of street view images.


Github, sample digital iteration.