Woods is an experimental, interactive pop-up book illustrating the poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. This was made for John Peña’s graphic novel class at CMU.


For this project I was interested in examining interactivity in narrative forms without the use of a virtual interface. Oftentimes books such as graphic novels and comics are purely visual experiences and readers are not given many opportunities to interface with the story in any way. Although there are certainly a variety of books that can be engaging from purely visual content, there is a level of intimacy that gets removed when it is limited to one physiological faculty. Webcomics are slowly beginning to utilize the flexibility and natural interactivity of the virtual space, creating unique and engaging experiences readers can appreciate. The challenge is being able to incorporate aspects of interaction without relying upon the virtual domain. This was what I wished to explore.

I decided to make an interactive pop-up book of my favorite Robert Frost poem. Each page of the book contains one stanza of the poem, totaling 4 pages. The words are hidden and must be found through interacting with the book.